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Case study
Kitchen of chocolate and gelato production in the Czech Republic

Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

Unique place, unique requirements, unique solution

  • 1 pcs of DUPLEX Basic
  • Up to 4500 m3 / hr / AHU
  • 65 m2 kitchen ceiling
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation

Unique place, unique requirements, unique solution

About Pralinqa

Pralinqa is a company that was founded in 2022. It is engaged in the production of chocolate pralines and Italian ice cream or gelato. They pride themselves on quality ingredients, which they then transform into exclusive renditions of chocolate and gelato. When you are in Jablonec, don't forget to stop here.

In November 2021, we were approached by the owner of Q – Burger BAR and Pralinqa to consult on his new project – the production of pralines and gelato (Italian ice cream). This unique project aimed to create quality products inspired by the design of Jablonec pearls.

About Pralinqa

Customer's requirements

The challenge

The first step was a meeting in the planned production space, where we discussed visions and requirements for equipment and environment. Key was solving the ventilation, which initially included the requirement for two hoods for an induction cooker and an airbrush box. After careful evaluation, we proposed an alternative in the form of a ventilation ceiling, which better matched the style and functionality of the space. This ventilation system provides efficient extraction directly above the worktable and ensures cleanliness and hygienic working conditions without unnecessary spread of paint into the area.

Another important requirement was temperature control in the production area, which needed to be maintained between 18 and 20 °C. We designed the installation of the kitchen ceiling, DUPLEX Basic and an outdoor Fujitsu unit with a thermal output of 14 kW, to meet the temperature requirements even during high summer temperatures and to provide heating in the winter months.

The challenge

Kitchen ceiling + Duplex basic

The solution

After a successful transition from theory to practice, the owner is very satisfied with the new production space. Pralinqa now has a modern and functional environment for the production of pralines and gelato, where ideal conditions for quality production are guaranteed. Our goal was to create an environment that not only meets technical requirements but also supports creativity and artisan production.

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The solution

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Video testimonial

Catch an interview with the owner of Pralinqa, in which he describes what their requirements were and how the whole project went.

Mr. Aleš Kuncl - owner

The result


Compact dimensions with an emphasis on depth and smart solutions for limited installation spaces.

Low weight

ATREA air handling units are easy to handle thanks to plastic heat recovery core and lightweight casing insulation.

Highly efficiency

High efficient heat recovery cores developed and produced by ATREA and energy saving top class fans.

Own control system

The high-tech control system developed and manufactured in house is tailored to our air handling units and used throughout the whole portfolio.

Installed products

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