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In 2020, in a deep crisis caused by the Corona Virus, ATREA decided to devote its efforts more to supporting programs so that the success of an internationally active company helps to support local health, social and educational projects and also own employees in case of difficult life situations.

We believe business should care about other people.

Support for refugees from Ukraine

We have obtained a request from Russia. We were surprised. To do business in days when Russians are killing children and civilians? For us this is no go zone! The Kremlin regime has brought shame on Russians for decades. On the contrary, we at ATREA are doing our small best to support the Ukrainian refugees – mainly mothers with children fleeing from Russian atrocities - and we announced a company gathering to support refugees. Our company foundation then doubled any contribution from our colleagues and friends. In cooperation with the Liberec Region, we then equipped three facilities for war refugees - mainly mothers with children and the elderly, for a total of 15.000,- EUR. Thus, we at the ATREA foundation followed up the bedding we had already supplied with additional equipment, namely washing machines, stoves, dryers, refrigerators, and wardrobes. The kids and mothers are safe here in our region. Shame on Russia! Slava Ukrayini!

ATREA opened a transparent account for Ukraine

ATREA opened a transparent account for Ukraine: the Czech Republic is a leader on having of a tough stance against Russia. The wave of solidarity is impressive, we are helping with weapons, bulletproof vests, and other military supplies to Ukraine. The public is also helping by sharing flats, giving clothes, medical supplies, and solidarity with mainly mothers and kids fleeing from Russian atrocities.

Let us announce that the ATREA foundation has opened a transparent account for help for Ukrainians in our region. If anybody of our friends, close partners or clients wants to do their bit with us, your contribution will be doubled from ATREA sources and we will make sure your money reaches concrete people, mainly kids with mums. We are involved personally and coordinate all with the refugee centre in our town and local authorities. Shame on Russia! Slava Ukrayini!

Help for fugitive mothers with small children from Ukraine

The Russian aggressors is murdering kids, civilians, the elderly and trying to destroy Ukraine. The Kremlin as a fascist system is changing its state into a new North Korea, into one big Orwell cult turning their population into slaves or hostages. The era after 1989 is over and our civilisation is being tested as to whether we can resist, support, fight back. What can we do in our own private lives? We at ATREA have decided to support with what we can and help the fugitive mothers with small children as a matter of compassion. We have bought 200 blankets, bed sheets, pillows and all needed (one full truck) for the newly prepared refugee centre in Liberec so that exhausted mums and their small kids can sleep safely. We have joined forces – we at Atrea, cooperative people in Jysk shops, where we found lacking goods during these  days of war, local county staff, all trying to make our small effort for the people in need. Shame on Russia! Slava Ukrayini!

Slava Ukrayini

There is no "business as usual". There is a war in Europe. Have you supported your Ukrainian colleagues or people? We have. Will you support them more? We will. Slava Ukrayini! Heroyam slava!

Support for soldier Stanislav

ATREA foundation has supported a soldier Stanislav that remained tetraplegic after an unfortunate jump into the shallow water. Stanislav however hasn´t given up and remains fighting. We are supporting him in getting a new special wheelchair enabling him to get to physiotherapy and the gym. He´ll be happy for any support possibly also from you!

We don't just think about business

At ATREA, we believe that we should care not only about the business and high-quality products, not only to be successful and dynamically grow in all our markets. But we should also be socially responsible to our home country, region and support those who have gone their path before us so that we could continue. This is why we again supported with 100.000,- CZK the great team of Hospice of sv. Zdislava where extraordinary team of professionals help people until the very last moments and provide excellent palliative care. Great and deep respect to their work! Join us and help us to help.

Help for Moravia

As Moravia – part of the Czech Republic – was hit by a tornado this summer, the ATREA foundation joined the public fund raiser for the reconstruction of an elementary school in a small Moravian village organised by Jablonec nad Nisou – the town of our location. We helped with EUR 2,000 and we are continuing with our effort in other healthcare, social and educational projects.

ATREA foundation has the honor to help a bit Tomasek

This cute little boy was a far lighter patient than his fellow kids and was born too early. Tomasek needs a lot of effort in a great variety of treatments and special support programmes to be able to play light-heartedly with other kids. We wish him all the best and are happy to support him a bit on his more difficult path.

Support for often hidden or forgotten heroes

The covid situation hit the Czech Republic very hard. The Atrea foundation wanted to support often hidden or forgotten heroes – emergency crews, ambulance drivers and telephone operators saving lives every day, literally every hour. We asked what they would appreciate and they just said – quick food. They were too busy and too exhausted to want more. Respect for their work!! We bought as much energy in biscuits, juices, coffees, energy bars, protein bars, etc.  as we could and added coffee mugs so that they could keep the energy also in the future. Thanks to these true heroes!

Merci, merci to all medical staff

Merci, merci to all medical staff, to all doctors, rescue workers, ambulance drivers and of course to all nurses. Our country is going to the limit – but these heroes are doing far more..! People are bringing food, sweets and even home made cookies to show we can see their abslute effort.. we also wanted to join in. We brought our bit to relieve the burden.. Respect to all medical staff in these demanding days!

Help for children

Difficult days are here for many people in our country. But we did not want to resign from also helping others. The child psychiatric ward our local hospital has children that were in need of some fitness equipment. Sport is an important means of helping them live in the present, release stress and simply have fun. We met there dedicated and very nice staff members that do their amazing work, and so we donated some of the fitness equipment, boxing gloves and table tennis equipage. Thank you for staying with us, help us to help – or even better – join us to help.-)

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