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  • Unique solution with built-in heat recovery

  • Integrated LED light

  • Variable sizes

  • Made of AISI 304 as standard

  • 100% customized

Marketing catalogue – Kitchen ventilation

Technical catalogue OPTIMA

OPTIMA kitchen hoods with heat recovery with an efficiency of up to 75% ensure efficient extraction and filtration of extract air and at the same time a comfortable supply of fresh air with reheating for kitchens of all sizes and configurations, with automatic operation. In addition to the standard range, they include built-in electric reheaters or water coils for heating or cooling the supply air.
OPTIMA kitchen hoods are supplied in one piece or in parts (for on-site assembly). They are made of stainless steel sheet AISI 304. Stainless steel fat separators have an efficiency of up to 99% and dimensions of 400×400 mm.
The hoods are equipped with LED lighting with IP 65 protection and with temperature resistance of up to 80 °C and condensate and grease drainage. The number of lights is dimensioned for an illuminance value of 500 lx on the work surface.

Special, easily removable heat recovery exchangers are fitted in the upper part of the hood. From the front of the hood, electric PTC reheaters or water coils are fitted to condition the fresh air to the desired temperature.
The hoods are also fitted with an automatic by-pass damper (summer by-pass) with Belimo actuator as standard. Supply grills are located at the front of the hoods to ensure an even supply of fresh air. Exhaust and supply spigots of the circular or rectangular shape are located at the top. Connected ducting is recommended with thermal and acoustic insulation and with cleaning and maintenance openings.
Supply and extract EC fans with filtration shall be installed outside the kitchen area (mainly for acoustic reasons). OPTIMA hoods are supplied in a standard height of 690 mm, with floor plan dimensions according to the customer's requirements in the specified range, on request also with atypical dimensions.

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