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✓ On stock hood
✓ Quick delivery time within 5 days
✓ Variable sizes
✓ Made of AISI 304 as standard
✓ 100% customized
✓ Integrated LED light

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Technical catalogue MODIS 2

MODIS 2 hoods have been designed as a modular system, which allows you to choose between delivery as a whole or assembly on-site with simple instructions. Only an AISI 304 stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 1 mm is used for production, which ensures adequate resistance to high temperature, moisture and organic compounds. Type MODIS 2 is the first device to use a luminaire of its own design in a stainless steel housing with IP54 protection and temperature resistance of up to 60 °C. The design of the luminaire ensures the required intensity and uniformity of illumination on the work surface. MODIS 400×400 mash filters with an efficiency of up to 90% are used for filtration or grease removal from the extract air.

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