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✓ Supply hood
✓ Attractive design
✓ Integrated LED light
✓ Variable sizes
✓ Made of AISI 304 as standard
✓ 100% customized

Kitchen marketing catalogue

Technical catalogue GRANDE

GRANDE kitchen hoods provide efficient extraction with extract air filtration over kitchen appliances for kitchens of all sizes and configurations, on request in combination with an air handling unit with automatic operation control.

The hoods are supplied in standard dimensions according to the tables or, at an extra cost, hoods in atypical dimensions in the specified range can be supplied, with a uniform height of 435 mm. GRANDE range hoods are made of stainless steel sheet AISI 304. Filtration of the exhaust air is ensured by cassette grease separators of 400×400 mm in size with high efficiency. The hoods are equipped as standard with extendable grease collectors, energy-saving LED lighting, a connection terminal block and an optional wireless light switch.

The extraction spigots are of circular or rectangular shape and are located at the top. The hoods are suspended from M8 suspension rods anchored to the ceiling with expansion anchors at the spacing shown in the diagram.

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