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Kitchen line


Public hospital, Pitešti – Romania

Another project successfully completed by the ATREA: kitchen ventilation system for the hospital canteen in Pitesti.

The project involved the installation of a ceiling through which the exhaust air is extracted from the kitchen area, on an area of 96 m2. The ceiling is equipped with high efficient fat separators, transparent polycarbonate panels with LED lighting, extraction channels regulated by manual dampers, and fresh air supply diffuzors. The total airflow capacity is 10,000 m3/hr for both, exhaust and supply. In addition to the permanent supply of fresh air for which no energy is consumed during heating, this solution has allowed a much more efficient organization of cooking and storage appliances in the kitchen. The production capacity of the canteen is 350 meals per day.

Realization: 2021

TPV kitchen ventilation ceiling 96 m2

Public hospital, Pitešti – Romania #1
Public hospital, Pitešti – Romania #2
Public hospital, Pitešti – Romania #3

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