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Central system

The system consists of a central heat recovery ventilation unit, which contains the required type of control system depending on the solution considered with EASY boxes or SMART boxes.

When using SMART boxes, both the central air handling unit and VAV box must be equipped by RD5 control system, for a system with EASY boxes the central unit uses the RD5 control system and constant pressure control and VAV boxes have the basic CP control system. Central systems are generally suitable for providing ventilation of several rooms at the same time (large number of offices, primary school / kindergarten classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.) via a central unit. The individual VAV boxes in EASY or SMART design are fitted at the inlet of each section, where they control the output to a specific space according to the actual requirement. The system with EASY boxes is a basic, simpler system. The system with SMART boxes is the most economical choice for central ventilation due to its unique central air handling unit power optimisation system and optional power control.

Central air handling units can be equipped with preheating, reheating or cooling of the supply air, shut-off dampers, counterflow or rotary heat exchanger and by-pass. Units are offered in a variety of configurations for easy indoor or outdoor (rooftop) installation.


VAV systems

DUPLEX Silent-N 1400–2400


Special rooftop air-handling units with very good sound attenuation.
Product detail
DUPLEX Flexi 3 650–6000

DUPLEX Flexi 3

  • 6 in 1

  • Ceiling-suspended / floor-standing

  • Stock units/on site modificable

  • Counterflow exchanger

  • >90% heat recovery efficiency

  • Plug´n´Play mode

  • PHI certification
Product detail
DUPLEX Flexi-V 500–3500


  • Vertical

  • Stock units/on site modificable

  • Counterflow exchanger

  • >90% heat-recovery efficiency

  • Plug´n´Play mode
Product detail

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