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Special rooftop air-handling units with very good sound attenuation.

Marketing catalogue DUPLEX Silent-N

Technical catalogue DUPLEX 1400–2400 Silent-N

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Compact rooftop ventilation units with counterflow heat recovery exchanger and integrated sound attenuators. The units are made in two sizes – DUPLEX 1400 and 2400 Silent-N – and are designed for ventilation in all civil and residential buildings where emphasis is placed on quiet operation and reduced built-up space. The integrated sound attenuators and outlets placed directly underneath the unit on the supply and exhaust air side eliminate conventional solutions with HVAC ducting and sound attenuators on the roof.

The units have a base frame with adjustable end pieces for proper levelling and are fitted with vibration insulators to eliminate the transfer of vibrations into the building structures. Several classes of integrated control systems are available including the high-end RD5 series control system with integrated web server and internet connection, weekly programming, automatic frost protection of the heat recovery exchanger, constant air rate or constant pressure ventilation and power control using sensors (e.g. CO2).

Rooftop configuration with built-in silencers for maximum noise elimination

  • Up to 93 % heat recovery efficiency thanks to ATREA S4 / S5 counter-flow exchangers
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Airflow performance – 1400 and 2400 m3/h
  • Ideal for combination with SMART or EASY boxes
  • Suppression of thermal bridges (class TB1)
  • Easy installation on site, including levelling and device stabilisation
  • Excellent thermal insulation of casing (class T2)
  • Insulated base frame including silencers and vibration isolators
  • Optional built-in electric PTC pre-heater
  • Automatic frost protection as standard
  • EC type fans (Ziehl Abegg)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Best available acoustic parameters in class
  • Cassette filter class ePM10 50 % (M5) or ePM1 55 % (F7)
  • Low investment costs
  • Low weight – 225 kg / 330 kg
  • Several types of sophisticated fully built-in control systems according to the application complexity
  • The significant compactness of the new unit types guarantees space savings of up to 60 % compared to modular units
  • Fully integrated into the ATREA selection software

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