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DUPLEX Flexi 3

  • 6 in 1

  • Ceiling-suspended / floor-standing

  • Stock units/on site modificable

  • Counterflow exchanger

  • >90% heat recovery efficiency

  • Plug´n´Play mode

  • PHI certification

Marketing catalogue DUPLEX Flexi 3

Technical catalogue DUPLEX 650–6000 Flexi 3

Certificate PHI – DUPLEX Flexi 3

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The third generation of the series-produced DUPLEX Flexi 3 compact units builds on the highly successful DUPLEX Flexi series and offers a wide range with air outputs from 650 to 6000 m3/h (nominal outputs with a pressure reserve of 250 Pa).

The units are supplied in a universal design, which allows installation in the windowsill/floor-standing position and in the underceiling position. In addition, the floor-standing version can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. Another unique feature is the ability to turn the unit sideways, i.e. supply and extract air can be interchanged. This ensures a high degree of variability when installed on site.

Optional accessories (water heater, DX coil, shut-off damper, flexible flanges, etc.) are mainly designed for external installation. The units can be equipped with any of the available control system types according to the requirements for function, comfort and operation, and can be controlled manually, by a time program or on the basis of sensors (e.g. humidity, CO2, etc.). The units can be supplied in the so-called hygienic design with the certificate of the German Institute for Hygiene of HVAC Equipment TÜV SÜD.

  • A complete series of 650, 1100, 1700, 2300, 3500, 4500 and 6000
  • 93% counterflow heat recovery exchanger
  • Indoor and outdoor version in one
  • 100% by-pass
  • Floor-standing and ceiling-suspended in one*
  • Control system with a web server as a standard
  • EC fans – high efficiency, German quality
  • Side orientation simply by setting the parameter in the control system
  • Constant flow control
  • Constant pressure control
  • External heating and cooling coils
  • Integrated electric pre-heater as an option
  • Wide range of additional accessories
  • The units meet requirement in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1253/2014 (Ecodesign)

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