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  • Vertical all spigots upward

  • Cross-flow heat exchanger

  • 75% heat recovery efficiency

  • 100% customized

  • All coils inside

  • Plug´n´Play mode

Summary marketing catalogue DUPLEX Basic

Technical catalogue DUPLEX 1400–10100 Basic-V

Brand new generation of our customized HVAC air-handling units with cross-flow heat recovery exchanger and all outlets directed upwards. The philosophy of these units is the same like with Basic line but the construction is developed in unique design with the spigots facing upward that recure promlems of connecting air ducts which can save space. Like with Basic inside version 100 % customization, up to 75 % heat recovery efficiency, integrated heating and cooling and excellent compactness are a matter of course.
The units are designed exlusively for applications which are not within the scope of Commission Regulation (EC) 1253/2014.

Upright version with 4 spigots up – great for tight spaces

  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 75 %
  • Tailored according to customer requirements
  • Great compactness
  • Integrated heating and cooling
  • Internet interface as standard (RD5 control system only)
  • Smart phones application
  • BMS compatibility
  • Hygiene version according to VDI 6022
  • EC type fans – top German quality
  • Great thermal characteristics
  • Circulation damper
  • 100 % by-pass
  • Constant airflow control
  • Constant pressure control
  • Upright version with 4 spigots up

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