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Pharmacy association, Münster – Germany

Apothekeverband Westfallen-Lippe e.V (AVWL) is a pharmacy association of more than 2 000 pharmacies. Its new HQ premises in Münster, which the AVWL moved into at the end of August 2015, includes offices, seminar rooms and an archive. As always in new buildings the biggest challenge for HVAC installations were only small technical rooms and areas available for devices: in the basement, small room in mezzanine and on the roof. ATREA air handling units met the requirements because of very compact dimensions and inbuilt coils. The rooftop unit had to be as flat as possible, so that it is not visible from the street. 

Realization:     2015

1 pc of DUPLEX 6500 Multi
1 pc of DUPLEX 1500 Multi-N
1 pc of DUPLEX 1000 Multi

Pharmacy association, Münster – Germany #1
Pharmacy association, Münster – Germany #2

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