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DT Swiss, Oborniki – Poland

DT Swiss is a company with a global presence.

It develops, produces, and markets high-quality bicycle components. DT Swiss products are known for their precision and reliability and are developed with the aim of offering reliable components for an unforgettable riding experience for every rider and every terrain.
The amount of space was very important on this project. That is why one unit has been configured with all connection ports up (Multi V version), while the other in the standard configuration with connection port to the sides of the unit. A very large number of spigot configurations has allowed the ventilation designer to save space. Our units are responsible for ventilation new production line.

Realization: 2019

1 pc of DUPLEX 5500 MultiEco - V
1 pc of DUPLEX 2500 MultiEco

DT Swiss,  Oborniki – Poland #1
DT Swiss,  Oborniki – Poland #2

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