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Commercial line


Ana Tower, Bucharest – Romania

Ana Tower is one of the most exclusive office buildings in Bucharest.

DUPLEX FlexiThe object is built in accordance of highest quality standards as well as the material. Based on very strict demands for ventilation ATREA supplied 50 pcs of Flexi ceiling suspended units and 10 pcs of Multi units.  Another strict demand for ventilation was full service support and free of charge communication output for BMS (TCP BacNet, ModBus/KNX). ATREA won this project against such big and strong competitors as Trane (Americans), France Air (the French) and DencoHappel (German).

Realization: 2019

50× DUPLEX Flexi 3600 (ceiling suspended)
10× DUPLEX Multi 2500

Ana Tower, Bucharest – Romania #1
Ana Tower, Bucharest – Romania #2
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