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Innovative line with circulation ventilation functions.

Marketing catalogue DUPLEX RS5

Technical catalogue DUPLEX 1500–5500 RS5

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Custom-made compact AHUs for indoor installation. Their innovative circulation design provides complete ventilation with simultaneous indoor air circulation. The units are designed for rooms where hot air heating is suitable or necessary, for instance where conventional heating systems cannot be used due to interior design constraints (rooms where no heaters or radiators should be installed) or where it is impossible to cover the entire heat loss volume (underfloor heating with limited capacity).

The units also provide an advantage for low-energy buildings where the room temperature climate must be balanced quickly, for instance due to sudden heat gain from sunshine, which conventional heating systems (primarily underfloor heating systems) are unable to achieve with the speed required. The circulation air from the unit can transfer high heating or cooling capacity, which obviously matches the air rate of the unit. The compact dimensions of the units put only minimum demands on the engine room space. The units are always supplied for installation under the ceiling and the space saved can be subsequently used for other purposes including storage. Their well-thought-through design makes it possible to change the position of the discharge outlet downstream of the supply fan (e2 + c2), the position of the service switch and the connections of registers for cooling or heating the supply air.

Up to 32 different configurations are available. All DUPLEX RS5 units meet the requirements of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1253/2104 (Ecodesign) in force since 2018 and their characteristic features include high heat recovery efficiency and the low power input of the fans. DUPLEX RS5 units normally come with the sophisticated RD5 control system, offering an option to connect to the internet and have remote diagnostic and control features.

  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 93 % – superior counter-flow heat exchanger
  • Excellent thermal insulation of the housing (Class T2)
  • Thermal bridging suppression (Class TB1)
  • An integrated recirculation damper with independent recirculation air supply
  • Easy on-site installation including levelling and stabilisation
  • The enhanced compact design of the new unit types saves up to 60 % of space in comparison with modular units
  • Low investment cost
  • Low power input – high efficiency of EC fans
  • Acoustically efficient housing with 50 mm mineral wool insulation
  • Built-in heaters and coolers
  • A wide range of accessories
  • Comprehensive built-in control systems fully integrated in the unit
  • Internet interface as standard
  • Possibility of automatic control of microclimate quality according to CO2, rH sensors…
  • Rapid temperature compensation of climate in the area
  • Fast response to performance change requests
  • Thanks to optimal ventilation, the right climate in terms of humidity is also guaranteed
  • The circulating air from the unit can transmit high heating or cooling power
  • Small demands on utility room space – under-ceiling design allows the use of utility room as a warehouse

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