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Ventilation without noise and odour

Find out the benefits of installing ATREA domestic air handling units and discover the benefits of a heat recovery ventilation system. ATREA home ventilation for flats and family houses ensures a fresh air supply, prevents the penetration of allergens and large heat losses with conventional window ventilation. Save on heating costs and live better and healthier.

Heat recovery efficiency of up to 93% with counterflow recuperator

Air handling units with very low operating energy consumption and high heat recovery efficiency.

Ideal indoor climate and clean air

Low level of air pollutants thanks to efficient filtration and a high level of thermal comfort.

Easy operation with preset programmes

Intuitive touchscreen control, smartphone app and ventilation and reheat output programmes.

Compact size and easy installation

Units can be installed in floor standing, underceiling or windowsill position.

Quiet operation

Quiet operation

Thanks to their sophisticated design, ATREA air handling units are among the quietest on the market.


Healthy indoor environment

Even indoors, you need to breathe clean air. Air handling units extract the indoor exhaled air along with excess moisture, radon, chemical fumes and carbon dioxide. At the same time, they bring fresh outdoor air, free of dust and pollen, noiselessly into living rooms.


More comfortable and carefree living

In order to keep the air in your home healthy, you need to get up every hour, open the window and ventilate. But if you want absolute comfort, rely on automatic air exchange. ATREA air handling units meet your requirements using sensor information based on the immediate real needs of the indoor climate.

Optimum performance

Maximum performance at low power consumption

High-quality and proven components from the world's leading manufacturers guarantee minimum failure rates and maximum performance at low power consumption. Even if you use the ventilation at full speed, the top German EC fans ensure that consumption is very low. As a result, household operating costs can be significantly reduced.

Easy to use mobile app control

Touch control of the home ventilation is included in the basic equipment of each air handling unit. As standard, it includes inputs for connecting additional sensors for air quality, humidity, etc. You can also control the ventilation easily and conveniently via your smartphone or tablet.

Compact units

Units for minimum installation space

The compact units are ideal for installation in apartments and family homes due to their light weight and small size. The unit fits, for example, into the cavity of a lowered ceiling. It is easy to change the orientation of the air flow direction on site.

Quiet operation

Extremly quiet operation

ATREA air handling units are designed to be some of the quietest on the market! However, we recommend that you consult with a designer or our experts about the placement of the unit in your property, as improper placement of even an otherwise quiet unit can result in interior noise. We will be happy to advise you free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

Need to know more about heat recovery ventilation?

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you.

It is a device designed for forced ventilation with heat recovery. As a standard, it includes at least fresh air supply and exhaust fans, a heat recovery exchanger, supply and exhaust air filters and a smart control with internet connection.

Heat recovery is basically the recovery of heat from the exhaust air. Both warm exhaust air from the house and fresh outdoor air are fed into the heat recovery exchanger inside the air handling unit. They are perfectly separated from each other by a set of channels in the plastic heat exchanger, so that odours and pollutants from the exhaust air do not penetrate into the fresh air. At the same time, the supply air is preheated by the exhaust air through the walls of the ducts. This significantly reduces heating costs.

Of course you can open the windows. However, this denies the principle and the main benefit of heat recovery - getting fresh air without opening the windows and thus saving heat that you would otherwise "expel" outside. We therefore recommend that you reduce this ventilation option in winter.

It depends on the chosen unit and many other factors. If the unit is installed correctly (recommended by the designer), then the noise level is almost zero. Usually nothing is heard because the units are placed in the technical room, closet, attic, etc. ATREA air handling units are one of the quietest on the market due to the sophisticated shell design!

In passive and low-energy construction, the installation of heat recovery ventilation is a hygienic standard. The heat saving benefit of heat recovery is directly proportional to its consumption. It is therefore noticeable in conventional construction. But in general, for healthy ventilation, where the fresh air is free of pollen, allergens, etc., installation is always suitable.

The units are usually installed in the technical room. But there are more options, for example in attics, basements, dressing rooms, lower ceilings and partitions.

No, this is a common misconception. Heat recovery is the recovery of heat from waste air. So there must be another primary heat source in the house.

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