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Kitchen line


Chateau Ratmerice, Czech Republic

The three-storey building of the chateau has been reconstructed into a hotel with 21 rooms and apartments, a training center, fitness and wine shop.

In the neighbouring building, there is a kitchen and restaurant. Rooms and suites are equipped with separate heat recovery ventilation systems controlled by a central control system. The kitchen is equipped with a complete system consisting of TPV ventilation ceiling, heat recovery ventilation unit and automatic control system for kitchen operations. The other rooms are designed with a standard ventilation system and DUPLEX units with heat recovery.

Realization: 2015

TPV kitchen ventilation ceiling
DUPLEX 7100 Basic for kitchen
DUPLEX 3400 Basic for restaurant
19 pcs of DUPLEX 180EC4.D for hotel rooms
2 pcs of DUPLEX 370 EC4.D for suites
2 pcs of DUPLEX 510 EC4.D for stock and change-room
1 pc of DUPLEX 190 ECV4.D for fitness
1 pc of DUPLEX-S 2200 for office

Chateau Ratmerice, Czech Republic #1
Chateau Ratmerice, Czech Republic #2
Chateau Ratmerice, Czech Republic #3
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