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The DUPLEX R5 equal-pressure ventilation units with heat recovery are designed for comfortable controlled ventilation, cooling and hot air heating of houses and apartments. They are most often used in the category of low-energy and energy passive buildings. It is very suitable to use these units in combination with a heat pump, where the circulation circuit is used only in certain seasons for both cooling and heating.

The units are available in two versions - DUPLEX RB5 is a very flat version for underceiling installation, DUPLEX RA5 and RK5 have a floor-standing design.

  • Several operation modes from ventilation to circulation
  • The possibility to be extended by electric (E) or water (T) heating.
  • Extendable by cooling (also additionally) – water (CHW) as well as direct (CHF)
  • Ceiling and upright installation
  • Selection of three output versions
  • Counterflow heat recovery exchangers
  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 91 %
  • Fully closeable automatic bypass
  • The most energy-saving EC ventilators
  • Simple controls
  • Easily connectible control system
  • Constant air flow function

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