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DUPLEX ECV5 units have a vertical mounting position. DUPLEX EC5 offer excellent dimensions, EBM fans, 92 % turbulent heat recovery exchanger and high-demand control system with internet connection as standard (only with automatic operation control RD5).

  • The highest energy class A+
  • Mounting on walls
  • Three performance variants to choose from
  • Counterflow heat recovery exchangers
  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 95 %
  • Fully closeable automatic bypass
  • The most energy-saving EC ventilators
  • Simple controls
  • Two types of controls for different price ranges
  • Low noise emissions
  • Integrated electric pre-heater/reheater
  • Easily connectible control system
  • Constant air flow function
  • Extensible electric pre-heater/reheater
  • External water heater

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