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DUPLEX Easy units are targeted to big projects or wholesalers.

EPP casing and easier control system enable a low price. For stock cost reduction, we can offer 5 possible positions in one unit – flat, floor-standing and underceiling even with right/left configuration. We offer an excellent depth dimension of 280 mm for the underceiling position, EBM EC fans, 92% turbulent heat recovery exchanger, 100% by-pass damper and two degrees of our own control system – CPB potenciometer or CPA touchscreen controller.

  • 93% counterflow heat recovery exchanger
  • Top quality EC fans – German quality
  • Underceiling, flat or floor-standing position
  • 100 % by-pass damper
  • Excellent dimensions
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Possibility of constant pressure in the supply
  • Possibility of distributing the supply and exhaust air
  • Certificate Passive House Institute – mark of highest efficiency

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